All-Over Ranking

1st Place
Tacettin Yuksel (Turkey)
€ 1.000 cash & BIC Trophy

2nd Place
Robert Seitz (Germany)
€ 600 cash & BIC Medal

3rd Place
Marco Urso (Italy)
€ 400 cash BIC Medal

4th Place
Gundula Walz (Germany)
BIC Medal

5th Place
Manfred Voss (Germany)
BIC Medal

6th Place
Man-Kui Wisely Ng (Hong Kong)
BIC Certificate

7th Place
Irmgard Sell (Germany)
BIC Certificate

8th Place
Dany Chan (Canada)
BIC Certificate

9th Place
Anton Tratnik (Slovenia)
BIC Certificate

10th Place
Max Van Son (Netherlands)
BIC Certificate


Best Club Award

1st Place
Shangtuf Image & Art Club
BIC Club Trophy

2nd-10th Place:
PSA China
AKF Kaufbeuren
Fotofreunde Wiggensbach
Fotografische Gesellschaft Regensburg
Fotoclub Kiel

Candra Naya Photographic Society
Fotoclub Mindelheim
Fotogruppe Blende 11 Saar
BSW Fotogruppe Würzburg

Special Award

„Where my Heart Takes Me“

Robert Seitz (Germany)
€ 300 cash + BIC Special Trophy

Chairman's Awards

Chairman‘s Award „Best Nature Photo“:
Xiao Ge (China): Red mud
BIC Trophy

Chairman‘s Award „Best Portrait“:
Pawel Wodnicki (Poland): Bartlomiej Topa
BIC Trophy

Chairman‘s Award „
Best Fine-Art Photo“:
Gundula Walz (Germany): Inspiration Bauhaus
BIC Trophy

Full Results List

Download the 114-page preliminary list of acceptances and awards as PDF-document (1.3 MB)

Why preliminary? Because we lack the correct titles of some of the accepted images. If you want to  be published in the book and get the correct titles submitted to  FIAP and PSA, please check your result  and let us know your corrected image by sending a short E-Mail to