Results will get published soon

Some days ago, we sent a message to all participants:

We also have a very sad message. 
One of our judges, the renown Herbert Anderlik (EFIAP, PPSA, E.IIWF, MVÖAVw, EP.PSM) passed away in January 2013.
Many of you have known him as a friend or at least as a longtime companion in the international photo contest community.
Another judge of this Salon is currently not able to travel for medical reasons. So we had to find a judge as replacement and we had to postpone this judging to March 9./10.
Therefore the results of the circuit will be published one week later than originally planned (they will be published on March 18th). We hope that you have understanding for this change in the schedule.

So, the results will be published next monday.

Sorry for the delay,
Kind regards,
Stephan Fürnrohr